Private traders and the role of emotions

The project aims to explore how private traders (i.e. people that make investment decisions frequently and with their private capital) are influenced by their emotions and the impact on their performance. It is planned to rely on experience sampling, surveys, activity trackers, transaction data and market data. This research project is funded by Handelsbanken Research Foundations.

joint with Associate Professor Patric Andersson (SSE) and in association with Moneymind (Moneymind aims to bridge researchers and practitioners in order to increase our knowledge about private investors’ behaviors)

The future of digital journalism

The project is motivated by the great impact that the digitization have had on the media industry. My part of the project is mainly to examine actual behavior of media users relying on digital traces. This research project is funded by Vinnova.

joint with Professor Richard Wahlund et al. (SSE)

Active fund management

In my dissertation (Fröberg, 2016) I explored (1) how individual fund managers that actively manage equity funds acquire information, (2) relationships between information acquisition behavior, risk attitude and beliefs about market behavior, and (3) the impact on fund performance. This project was funded by Johan and Jakob Söderbergs Stiftelse. See Fröberg, E. (2016). Seeking Alpha – and finding it : empirical studies of the impact of information acquisition behavior, market beliefs, and risk attitude on fund performance among equity fund managers in Sweden. Doctoral Dissertation. Stockholm: Handelshögskolan i Stockholm

A follow-up study is currently conducted (thanks to data provided by Morningstar), joint with Professor Richard Wahlund, Acting Professor / Associate Professor Niclas Hellman, Associate Professor Patric Andersson and Assistant Professor Hanna Setterberg (SSE)

Determinants of good football

Football, or soccer, is the most popular sport in the world. The World Cup final in 2014 had over one billion viewers. Allegedly, football matches vary in quality and give rise to many feelings. Some games are tight, tough and exciting. Other offer beautiful goals and artistry of the players. But, what really characterizes the perfect football match? This project takes a quantitative approach using sports analytics to evaluate what is a good or an entertaining football match. The scientific interest concerns whether quantitative data can be used to capture viewers’ perceptions of football. Euro Cup 2016 group stage matches has been ranked by football fans in Sweden and will be used as a starting point to identify predictors.

joint with Associate Professor Patric Andersson (SSE) and in collaboration with football expert Jens Fjellström

Datafication, Algorithm Design and the 4th Industrial Revolution

This project aims to explore the use and collection of information around online interactions, and their relationship to what has been called the “Fourth Industrial” Revolution. More and more firms are relying on these “digital traces” to optimize their services, as well as predict user behavior. This project will explore the design and implementation of algorithms among online communities and start-ups. We are looking for funding for this project.

joint with PhD Candidate Claire Ingram (SSE) & PhD Jonas Valbjørn Andersen (VU)